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Maple Ridge Flat Roofing

Flat roofing has become more common in contemporary society. Flat roofs are quite common in countries like Mexico, which have a relatively dry climate. However, flat roofs are becoming more popular for other reasons. For instance, some of our clients prefer flat roofs so that they can lay on them and gaze at the stars, or get a nice view of their neighbourhood from above. Others prefer a flat roofing surface because they allow water to run off freely from an incline. Regardless of your reason, Gelinas Roofing Ltd. will always accommodate your Maple Ridge roofing preferences without delay and at a fair price.

Interestingly, Gelinas Roofing Ltd. used gravel for flat roofing surface material in the past but has since stopped using gravel because it is susceptible to ice dams. Ice dams can cause a flat roof to sag over time-defeating the purpose of a "flat" roof as an aesthetic choice for your Maple Ridge roofing needs. We currently use different roofing materials to engineer our flat roofs, including polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyolefin, and turbo seal.

Furthermore, we have shifted to perpetual membrane sheeting for our flat roofs. Gelinas Roofing Ltd. has found that perpetual membranes are more resistant to accumulated static water during the rainier seasons. In addition, we use top-grade adhesives to bond together multiple sheets in order to offset the penetration of wind and water with all of our flat roofing structures.

However, flat roofs are still more susceptible to wear and tear, especially if renovations (i.e., upgrading HVAC apparatuses) are implemented. Hence, Gelinas Roofing Ltd. does not recommend the use of a flat roof as a living area without an additional roofing support system set in place: such as topsoil, stones, or a wooden deck to protect the membrane of the flat roof.

Fortunately, flat roofs also have several distinct advantages. For instance, flat roofing is the most cost-efficient Maple Ridge roofing solution because the entire roofing area can be used for recreational purposes. Gelinas Roofing Ltd. would also recommend a flat roof if you plan on installing solar panels in the future due to logistical convenience.